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Sales and Operation Planning Pro (S&OP Pro) is a manufacturing ERP that support industry practices like ‘Make to Stock’, ‘Make to Order’, ‘Assemble to Order’ and ‘Engineer to Order ‘. The USP of S&OP Pro is to ensure that Inventory is kept to minimum level and continuous improvement in customer service level.

3SIS is a business and IT consulting group with a strong customer focus. We source, interpret and apply technology products and services at the best prices, targeting improved cost and efficiencies in your business operation. We understand your needs and your environment and consciously tailor our approach to drive customer delight in every step of our engagement.

                         Supply Chain Optimization                        This is the journey towards  excellence
                        using Lean principals                      through MRP II architecture.

                   Business Applications and ERP’s                                   The approach is to map the revised                                  business processes and                                              MRP II structure back in ERPs.

                            Workshops and Training                                                 The whole idea is to create a                                           challenging environment where                                       internal workforce is being trained                                                  by internal trainers.

                               BI Implementation                                              Planting the culture of “Help Yourself”                              by asking ourselves, What I should                                    know in first 30 minutes of the day. 

                         Planting MRP II practices                                       This is the journey towards excellence
                   using Lean principals through                                                       MRP II architecture.

                    Business Process Reengineering                                        This starts with a gap analysis                                           to understand the noise level in                                    the entire supply chain architecture. 


For full range of custom software development, MRP II implementations, BI implementations and conducting workshops and trainings, send us your queries and get service from our qualified professionals.

How to Reach Towards Excellence
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