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BPR (Business Process Reengineering) & Restructuring 

This starts with a gap analysis to understand the noise level in the entire supply chain architecture. Mapping those gapes to waste mechanisms and then developing a model that will start eliminating each gap one by one. The whole idea of BPR is to improve the productivity and efficiency, improve the process in a way that makes the bottom line healthy.


Planting MRP II practices (Supply Chain Optimization) 

This is the journey towards excellence using Lean principals through MRP II architecture. The whole idea is to integrate the whole supply chain team to increase the collaboration using visual signals and planting the culture of proactive approach rather than reactive behavior. This also includes the restructuring of existing workforce with an objective “Do more with less”. The ultimate goal is to increase the customer service level that ultimately leads to an increase in revenue, decrease the inventory level that leads to freeing up the working capital, and setting up a platform to move the organization to next level keeping their vision in mind.

Implementing & Enhancing Business Applications and ERP’s

The approach is to map the revised business processes and MRP II structure back in ERPs with least or no customization. Planting decision support system in organization using BI tool like QLikView and coming up with a road map keeping the vision of the company and the nature of the business in mind.
Based on the type of business and manufacturing strategy and understanding of business processes, proposing the best fit and cost effective business applications to the organization. 

BI Implementations

Planting the culture of “Help Yourself” by asking ourselves, “What I should know in first 30 minutes of the day”.

Data extractions from ERPs
Designing dashboards
Analytical templates and training.

Workshops & Trainings

The whole idea is to create a challenging environment where internal workforce is being trained by internal trainers (Train the trainer methodology) to increase the productivity and efficiency. The training can involve:

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning):

  • SAP ECC 6.n
  • JD Edwards Worldsoft and Oneworld

Microsoft Office:

  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Word
  • Outlook


  • MPS (Master Production Scheduling)
  • RCCP (Rough Cut Capacity Planning)
  • MRP (Material Requirement Planning)
  • CRP (Capacity Requirement Planning)
  • SFC (Shop Floor Control) & Measurements

BI Tool: QlikView

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